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We offer both genuine Xtend and Climb cases. The Model 778 fits the 750P and 760 compact ladders (10½ and 8½ foot ladders) and provides a handle, shoulder strap and accessory pouch.

The new Model 779 bag holds our holds our 770 silver, 770 black, 770P and 790 regular Type II ladders vertically.

NEW! We now have bags for the 780P Type 1A or 785P Type 1 ladders. These bags look just like the 779 bag, lower right.

$49.99 for models 778 or 779
$59.99 for models 781
$69.99 for models 782

Model 778 for compact ladders

Model 779 for our standard ladders

Model 781 for the 780P Type 1A

Model 782 for the 785P Type 1


View complete specifications and comparisons to other Xtend & Climb ladders.



Bag Model 778, fits the 750P/760 compact ladders

New Bag Model 779 fits the Model 770, 770P and 790 ladders. The 781 and 782 bags looks the same as this.